SynVM - Vulnerability Risk Management

Stay ahead of the hackers with the next-Gen Vulnerability Risk Management.

Bring Agility & Automation to Vulnerability Risk Management.

SynVM is a centralized solution to report, track and mitigate all your security vulnerabilities.It collects security risks from different sources on a real-time basis, alerts IT Ops team, and triggers workflows for timely risk mitigation.

CISO/CIOs/Infosec Auditors and Managers can get latest security reports of their IT infrastructure on demand.

How SynVM helps Infosec teams to achieve
risk closures 10X faster?

SynVM supports all Vulnerability assessment
types & industry standard tools

Integrates Security assessments with IT Ops processes.

Frees your IT teams from managing security workloads.

Let’s Infosec team seamlessly collaborate with risk owners across the enterprises.

Brings all your Security tools under ONE reporting platform

Leading Enterprise companies now TRUST SynVM for their Vulnerability Risk Management

We have transformed manual security risk management processes in enterprises.

Set up effective Cyber Risk Management practices for your Enterprise in no time