Is your enterprise Cyber

Now Achieve Cyber Risk Preparedness

Is your enterprise Cyber

Now Achieve Cyber Risk Preparedness

Compliance Driven

Know the industry-standard security compliance requirements to be met

Threat Aware

Get real-time threat information to respond before any targeted attacks.


Completely automated workflows to drive teams & tools for timely risk closures

Transform to the next level of Cyber-risk
on the go

A holistic cyber risk management solution to meet the risks of an unpredictable future.

Our Solutions to simplify cyber risk management

Our solutions aim to bring Agility & Automation to Cyber Security Risk Management. Enabling your teams to implement mature security processes to deal with existing and evolving cyber threats.

  • SynVM
  • SynTIS
  • SynSCM


Are you still tracking vulnerability risks manually?

SynVM is the solution to all your vulnerability risk tracking, visualization and prioritization challenges. Want a solution that will consolidate the risk status of all your business critical IT assets.


Is your Vulnerability Management - Threat aware?

SynTIS is a unique Vulnerability threat intelligence feed to help you prioritize the vulnerabilities that are exposed to targeted attacks. This layer of prioritization will keep you focussed on the potential risks. Want to make sure you spend time fixing the most critical security issues?


Is your Vulnerability and Compliance management integrated?

SynSCM lets you implement security controls and measure their effectiveness in a unified & automated manner. Want to implement a robust security framework across the enterprise in an effective & efficient manner ...know more

Our Core Features

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Asset Management

The necessary features to maintain, organize, classify and evaluate all the enterprise assets are present in the solution. It sets the foundation for accurate security management.

Vulnerability Reporting

Vulnerabilities from different sources are consolidated, analyzed, and prioritized. It supports all kinds of security assessment (VAPT) reports, audit reports, and scan outputs.

Scanner Integration

The solution comes with integration for the leading security scanners. It tracks the security vulnerabilities from such solutions regularly. It is a unique solution that takes inputs from multiple security tools for analysis.

Security Dashboards

CISOs and Security managers can now rely on our real-time security dashboards for up-to-date information on current risk and mitigation status. There are also real-time reports on required compliance standards.

Audit Management

Audits are now seamless, with a fully automated feature to plan audits, collective evidence, and report control gaps. It offers the most efficient way to achieve security compliance.

Security Compliance Framework

A fully integrated security compliance management would enable your enterprise to establish robust security compliance across business-critical units and win customer confidence. The solution offers a guided step for managing compliance.

Automate Vulnerability Tracking with SynVM