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Application Security

With increasing complexity of Applications, the traditional approaches of security testing will not suffice. Our security assessment services are specially tailored for modern day applications, uncovering all the application specific flaws.

Web Application Security Testing

Security Code Review

Mobile Application Security Testing (Android / IOS)

API Security Assessments

Our Methodology

Our application security testing aims at comprehensively testing web applications for all the security flaws as per standard attack libraries like OWASP, SANS, CAPEC.

Network Security

Network Security testing aims at discovering, analysing, and exploiting different security vulnerabilities present in the systems connected in the network.

External Penetration Test

Internal Vulnerability Analysis

Cloud Security Assessment

Security Configuration Review

Firewall Configuration Review

Network Architecture Assessment

The test gives the list of vulnerable systems present on the network, the vulnerable ports, the root cause of the vulnerabilities and recommendations that are feasible for the given network set-up. Our Configuration Review (CR) process ensures that the configurations of the servers and devices are reviewed for all the necessary security parameters. The methodology is backed by our set of comprehensive industry standard checklists and scripts, which are used in the process of the review to achieve in depth analysis in a time efficient manner.

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