We ANALYSE Security Gaps in Applications.

 Take a comprehensive security assessment from us today.

Security Assessment Services.

With increasing complexity of Applications the traditional approaches of security testing will not suffice. Our security assessment services are specially tailored for modern day applications, uncovering all the application specific flaws.

Web Application Security Testing

Dynamic Security Testing of all the features and configurations of Web Applications Supported Platforms: Web Applications, Web services, Rick Client,Desktop based Applications.


Analysis of the source code, design and configurations of the application to identify security flaws with their exact root causes. Supported Platforms – Java, J2EE, ASP.NET and PHP


Security analysis of the Mobile application and its Server side Components Supported Platforms – Android & IOS

We uncover security issues related to application features and its underlying technology, architecture, business process and third party integrations

SynRadar Security Testing Methodology
Why Choose Us?
  • Thorough Analysis of App and its technology
  • Threat Modelling of all components
  • Blend of Manual and Automated analysis
  • Use of Industry standard tools
  • Detailed Vulnerability Analysis
  • Apt Recommendations and Discussions with Developer Teams

If your developers are not aware of security solutions, we will take care of it.

Our support enables development teams to Fix all the security vulnerabilities accurately on time!


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