“The missing link in Cyber security today is Synergy. We resolve Syn Gaps”

Our aim is to provide a range of security management solutions for different untapped areas within Cyber security.Our solutions will focus at building mature processes within the organizations to deal with existing and evolving cyber threats.

SynRadar Value System
  • Our Vision: We aim to be a universal ecosystem for managing business risks.
  • Our Mission: We develop solutions to establish mature cyber security processes in the organizations. We synergize risk management with business growth.
Our Values
  • Purposefulness : We believe in Long term value based thinking. Purposefulness defines our passion for work. It reflects the fact that we believe in right people doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Fairness : We take care to conduct in fair means at all times. We respect rules, choices, rights, and dignity of people we work with and work for.
  • Delivery Excellence : We are highly focussed on quality deliverables. Excellence is not our goal but a habit.
  • Process Discipline : We are systematic in our approach. And we believe in the fact thatRight processes always give right results.
  • Design Thinking : We build resilience in. We design systems that are made to deliver quality.