SynTIS - Vulnerability Threat Intelligence

Stay Cyber Resilient in an Unpredictable Reality

Prioritization of Vulnerabilities cannot be done with CVSS rating alone.

The success of a Vulnerability Management program depends not only on identifying all the security vulnerabilities, but also on prioritizing and fixing them before an attack takes place..

We correlate the threat information from different sources to identify the most exploited security vulnerabilities. Our Vulnerability Intelligence feed provides insights into the currently active vulnerability risk landscape. It brings out the risk levels based on active threats and exploits

We Enable you to take better Risk-based decisions

Get instant report on Exploitable CVEs

The vulnerabilities are scored based on threat information and several other parameters. You can instantly navigate to the vulnerabilities reported in your enterprise and compare them based on their attack potential.

Take risk-based decisions in your asset landscape.

It is imperative to make timely and informed decisions to stay ahead of attackers. And we enable you to do just that with context-based alerts and reporting. Get insights into MITRE Attack techniques that can be monitored based on the vulnerabilities reported in your enterprise.

Get Alerted on Zero-day Vulnerabilities.

CVEs get disclosed on Social Media even before they get listed on NVD. Unpatched Vulnerabilities are at High Risk of being targeted.

Leading Enterprise companies now TRUST SynVM for their Vulnerability Risk Management

We have transformed manual security risk management processes in enterprises.

See Vulnerabilities & Threats through a common lens

Now get alerted for the threat actors that keep invading vulnerable systems, with real-time information of vulnerabilities that are most susceptible to external attacks.

Make your Vulnerability Management Threat Aware