Ackeydo – A Self-Protection Library for Mobile Apps

Ackeydo– the name is inspired from Aikido, which is a Japanese form of Martial arts for self-defense.

Ackeydo is a Self-protection library for Mobile Apps. With Ackeydo, Mobile apps can be secured, without having to write a single line of code. It comes with inbuilt security functions and adds a layer of security into the apps at runtime time

No coding required!

How is it different from other Security Libraries?

Most security APIs need to be invoked explicitly in the application source code. This is often challenging for developers, if the apps are already developed or if there is a lack of knowledge on how/where to use them. 

Ackeydo makes its easier for the developers to add a layer of protection to the apps, as it does not require any change to the existing application code. Once, added to the application, Ackeydo takes care of security on its own. 

How does Ackeydo work?

Security features of Version 1.0

Ackedyo is a Java Aspect Driven Security Library that comes with all the necessary security functions. It hooks the application functions at runtime and injects these security functions into it. Thus it does not require security functions to be invoked inside the application code.

All that is required, is to include the library in the application build.

  • Root Detection
  • Malicious Input Validation
  • Data Encryption
  • Screen Overlay Attack Protection
  • Screen Capture Prevention

How to configure Ackeydo?

Check this blog post to know about adding Library to your Android Apps. – How to Add Ackeydo to Android Apps.

We have introduced the concept of Self-protection in the first version. We will be working on robust security controls in our future releases.

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