How to add Ackeydo to Android Apps

To install Ackeydo, follow these simple steps:
  • Download the Ackeydo library from the link provided.
  • Open your application on Android Studio, right click on ‘app’ folder and click on New-> Module

  • From list of available options, select ‘Import JAR/. AAR Package’ and click Next.
  • Select the ‘ackeydo.aar’ file from the location on your machine and click Finish.
  • Open your app’s build.gradle file and add these lines:
import org.aspectj.bridge.IMessage
import org.aspectj.bridge.MessageHandler

buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath 'org.aspectj:aspectjtools:1.8.1'
apply plugin: ''
dependencies {
compile 'org.aspectj:aspectjrt:1.8.1'
  • In order for AspectJ to work with Android properly, at the bottom of build.gradle file, add these lines:
final def log = project.logger
final def variants =
variants.all { variant ->
if (!variant.buildType.isDebuggable()) {
   log.debug("Skipping non-debuggable build type '${}'.")
JavaCompile javaCompile = variant.javaCompile
javaCompile.doLast {
String[] args = ["-showWeaveInfo",
      "-inpath", javaCompile.destinationDir.toString(),
      "-aspectpath", javaCompile.classpath.asPath,
      "-d", javaCompile.destinationDir.toString(),
      "-classpath", javaCompile.classpath.asPath,
log.debug "ajc args: " + Arrays.toString(args)
MessageHandler handler = new MessageHandler(true);
new Main().run(args, handler);
for (IMessage message : handler.getMessages(null, true)) {
switch (message.getKind()) {
   case IMessage.ABORT:
   case IMessage.ERROR:
   case IMessage.FAIL:
log.error message.message, message.thrown
    case IMessage.WARNING:
log.warn message.message, message.thrown
     case IMessage.INFO: message.message, message.thrown
     case IMessage.DEBUG:
log.debug message.message, message.thrown

  • Finally, add ‘ackeydo’ as dependencies as shown below:

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